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 Spriter's School -student applications being accepted-

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PostSubject: Spriter's School -student applications being accepted-   Thu Jan 27, 2011 8:18 pm

Spriter's School

Here, you can get lessons from expirienced spriters. Learn from ye great ones themselves! This was the original idea.
Quote :
You know, I had this really cool idea of starting a Sprite School. Its alot like Adopt a Spriting Newbie, but its different .Every 2 days, the teacher in a certain form of spriting posts a lesson, and students must try that technique in spriting. They can get a 1 (high) 3(medium) and 5(low) judging how they did. If they got high, they get promoted into advance classes. Medium stays where they are. And low gets a private tutor to keep them in check with the lesson even when there's a new one. It can teach many people many skills. I think its a really cool idea.

Todays lesson:


Teacher - Art
Jerriahz - Recolors

Student Application
Name -
Spriting Art Best At -
Spriting Art Wanting to Learn -
Average minutes spent on Forum -

Teacher Application
Name -
Spriting Art -
Average time on Forums -
# Students willing to teach -
How long have you been spriting? -
Why did you begin spriting? -
Why do you want to teach? -

PM me your application.
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Spriter's School -student applications being accepted-
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